Baobab Bonnefooi
4 apr

Baobab w/ Bonnefooi


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Another one in the tropical basement sessions at Café De Plak. An all nighter by Bonnefooi, who you might recognize from the infamous recordstore and label Rush Hour Store or from his sessions at Red Light Radio

Bonnefooi: One of Hollands serious diggers with a huge love for African, disco and all tropical music from the 70's to the 90's. Next to DJ-ing he is working at the Rush Hour Store in Amsterdam where he is constantly fed with new and old undiscovered gems.. Aside from DJ-ing at various festivals / club nights he is a Red Light Radio resident where he shares his finds. A versatile DJ that will take you on a deep musical journey!


Line up:
Bonnefooi all night long

2300 - 500
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